The LA Fellows program is seeking nonprofit organizations who are interested in hosting an LA Fellow. They should have a need within their organization where they can effectively use a highly skilled, mid-manager level individual in a project based role and in some cases executive duties.

The LA Fellow will be connected to the nonprofit through a meaningful match and will donate 100 hours of their time and talents by sharing their professional expertise with them.

If you are a nonprofit interested in hosting an LA Fellow please fill out an application.

The next step is for you to fill out a short application outlining the volunteer opportunities. Please fill out a separate application for each project based role. Include as many details as you can so we can be sure to match the right person with your organization.

Download the LA Fellows Nonprofit application here.

We will provide you with an MOU to sign prior to the volunteer assignment starting.

Volunteer Job Descriptions
The types of volunteer positions that would be best for an LA Fellow would be project based roles. LA Fellows should be assigned to a project where they can take on a leadership role. They should have an opportunity to showcase their talents and make a significant contribution to your organization. Examples of project based roles could be planning an event, creating a brochure, writing a grant, etc.

Important Dates for Cohort 16 (March 2017 – June 2017)

  • Nonprofit applications for Cohort 16 will be due March 20, 2017
  • Interested LA Fellows will contact your organization in early-late March/early April 2017
  • LA Fellows will be available for interviews in early to mid-April 2017
  • LA Fellows will be available to start volunteering in late April 2017
  • LA Fellows should complete their 100 hours by June 30, 2017

Nonprofit Partners
For a list of the nonprofit organizations the LA Fellows have been matched with, click here.

Contact LA Fellows Project Director, Allison Silver at 818-947-2941 or program assistant Mary Turner at 818-947-2941.